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What the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity does for the Naval Service and families

The distinct focus of the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity is to support the entire Naval family. We aim to help those suffering hardship or who are in need; assist with the education of their children; and boost the morale and wellbeing of serving personnel.

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity is a grant making charity. The money donated is filtered into the charities which the RNRMC supports. These charities fall into five areas: Benevolence, Amenities and Dependants, Sports and Prizes.

We always payout the grant to Dependants on death in service and it is a priority for us to increase the amount we give to benevolence causes and charities as the area identified to be of greatest need. We work in close collaboration with the independent charities whose mission is to provide direct support to individuals in need.

Funds Summary

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity exists to improve the lives of our beneficiaries. In 2010 we gave grants of £3.7million, up from £2million in 2009. This has meant that we have been able to meet the needs of more of our beneficiary groups, be it in increased amounts we can give to charities we already support, or extending our reach to include several new charities with our benevolence grants. We have paid many more Amenities grants to help serving personnel and conducted a full review of our Prizes grants so that we look to see a large increase in 2011.

In 2010 the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity was delegated with the task of distributing the funds from Greenwich Hospital, Including the Hospital’s funds and the growth in our own contribution, Benevolence grants increased by 209% with Amenities up 31%. Prizes increased by 4% and there was an increase in the Dependants grants in line with the number of deaths in service, which were almost on trend at 31 for the year.

The Sports Charity board continued to rationalise spending on Sport, which we anticipate seeing grow in 2011. By the year end a small surplus of £52k had arisen in the unrestricted fund which the Trustees have allocated to help fund the growth in the Charity.